Class Picture

Class Picture

Monday, June 5, 2017


A fun day at NBNC was had by all! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Almost here...

We may be looking serious as we pose for this picture, but we are certainly excited that the "Wing It" show is one week from today!  We have been practicing our songs each day and putting the final touches on our artwork for the show.  If you can, join us tomorrow (Friday) after school to help make a nest for the stage.  If not, we'll see you next week. 

Please note: If you cannot make the evening performace on Thursday, please join us at our dress rehearsals either on Wednesday at 9:00am or Thursday at 11:00am.  

Lettuce Planting

First graders had a great time traveling with their fourth grade buddies over to the high school. We learned about where our compost goes after we dispose of it at lunch, and all about the high school greenhouse, where we got to taste a variety of lettuces. We even helped plant some more lettuce that will be used for salad bar lunch at Union Elementary School.  


First graders are gaga over learning about birds. Each child has selected a bird to learn about in more depth, and are excited to dive into their learning. Each child will make a guide book page about their selected bird to share with you at our "Wing It" performance next week.  


Mrs. Pierce invited us up to her classroom to visit and learn about the new ducklings that just hatched in their room.  We have also been learning about the chickens our fourth grade buddies are taking care of on the playground.  INQUIRE with your child what the rules are!

Whose Dad?

These sweaty guys did a little hair-styling after gym last week. They came up to me with a question - whose dad do we look like?

Sabin's Pasture Bird Watchers

VT found in the stream!
Despite the extreme hot temperatures, our first grade bird enthusiasts had an amazing day in Sabin's Pasture.  Students played a hawk and bird game, ate a picnic lunch in the shade, then rotated through three centers - birding with Ken and listening and mapping birds, helping the birds by making seed ball buffets, and then exploring in the stream.  What a fun day! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Focused Artists

Student Teacher

This girl aspires to be a teacher someday!  At home, she spent time creating and planning a new math game for our class called "Race to 67."  As an activity this morning, she led the class in an explanation of the game before we all partnered up to play.  ENJOY this game with your family at home!  AND THANK YOU J! 

Poetry Month

We were excited to be invited to see and hear our buddies recite their poetry in the auditorium.  Students were impressed with their talent to recite so many lines.  In reading, we have also been working on poetry, practicing a comprehension strategy that involves making a movie and imagery in our brains about what's happening.  


With enough rain and mix of sun in the last few weeks, our tulips have finally sprouted.  We were excited to take pictures of these beautiful flowers. This week, we are recreating them as a painting so check out the hallway next week to see our representations. 


We've been checking our tulips all winter and a few weeks ago finally spotted them starting to germinate.  As students closely watched them emerge from the ground, we had to learn the difference between a daffodil and a tulip stem.  INQUIRE with your child how the two flower are different! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


We had an awesome trip To the COOP this am. INQUIRE with your child what they learned about how this member owned store helps people in our community!  Thank you to Crystal and Stephanie for the great tour and fun riddles!  AND thank you for sharing such yummy local healthy foods with us! 

Rainy Nights?

How about playing a fun math game to practice telling and making time? Check out these clock games in your child's folder tonight if you're looking for something fun to do as a family!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

We Need Your Help at HOME!

Bird Research
Optional Independent Project

This spring, students will be engaged in an integrated bird research project.  We will be studying a variety of Vermont birds and their habitats in the classroom and while outside for ECO.  Students will be immersed in reading and writing about bird survival, and designing bird homes.  All students will be looking closely at how birds are unique and will compare and contrast characteristics of particular bird species.

Each student in the first grade has chosen a Vermont bird to study in depth.  We are also extending their learning to home.  We would like you to help your child get started with this project at home. Please refer to the bird your child has chosen and help them research facts about their animal. They can use the web, books, and magazines to begin their research.  Please help them find information about these topics and any other interesting facts particular to their bird:
    • habitat
    • diet
    • movement
    • protection
    • physical characteristics

We will be doing the majority of these projects at school. Help with the research portion of the project is greatly appreciated. Please help your child find information from the web, book stores, homes, and libraries.  Any materials collected can be used in the classroom as well. A web is provided to help you and your child organize the information.  Please make sure to label your resources to ensure they are returned to you.  Projects will be due Monday, May 1st but if you finish earlier, please send it in!


Sabins Pasture

First Grade bird lovers had an amazing day in Sabin's Pasture identifying birds, making nests, and playing a variety of hawk and bird games.  It was a beautiful day for outdoor learning!